My Advice for New and Young Artists

This week I’m celebrating 50 years of success in the music business. That type of longevity is truly a blessing for which I’m eternally grateful. I’ve learned so much over the years, which is why a lot of young artists and musicians always ask me the same question on Twitter – what’s the best piece […]

Ask Lenny: Current Rap Artists

Ask Lenny: Current Rap Artists

“With you being part of the Old School/R&B/Blues genre, if you could only pick one rapper (currently living) whose work you really admire over most others, who would it be and why?” That’s a tough question to answer.  I’d have to say probably Kanye West for the following reasons: he’s recognized my music and has […]

Ask Lenny: Leaving Tower of Power

Ask Lenny: Leaving Tower of Power

“Did you really think people were right when they said you should not have left Tower of Power or did you mostly believe in yourself?” When people would say I should have stayed with Tower of Power, I felt bad and embarrassed. After awhile, I started to believe it a little bit and was afraid […]

Hooked on You by Lenny Williams

I’m excited to finally be sharing a new single, “Hooked on You”, from my upcoming album!  A lot of you had a listen earlier this week via Facebook and the feedback was awesome.  Many of you asked where you can buy the single.  The answer is right here at  Once you purchase the single for […]

Soul Music Hall of Fame Voting

Today I was honored to learn that I’ve been nominated for induction into the Soul Music Hall of Fame!  Music is the way that I express myself, my thoughts and my feelings.  My fans loving what I put out is already blessing enough for me.  However, it’s always great to be recognized by groups such […]

Singing the Star Spangled Banner at SDSU

Before San Diego State (SDSU) could take on San Jose State University last night, I had the honor of singing the National Anthem! ~LW

Performing with the SDSU Aztec Band

Over the past few days, I’ve enjoyed being with my wife, Debbie, in sunny San Diego, CA to rehearse and perform at the San Diego State University (SDSU) vs. San Jose State University (SJSU) basketball game last night.  To say I had a great time wouldn’t begin to describe the fun! While in town, I […]

2014 Lenny Williams Golf Classic

The Keep Music Rockin’ Foundation Lenny Williams Golf Classic is set for Saturday, July 12, 2014!  Hotel accommodations, at reduced prices, are being set up for all out of town golfers.  Live and silent auction items have already been donated, including: golf clubs rounds of golf (foursomes) golf bags sporting event tickets art work hotel […]

Behind the Scenes of the “Didn’t I” Music Video

Today I was on location in Downtown Oakland [CA] filming a video for my new single Didn’t I.  In it, you’ll get to see me do something I haven’t done in years…play the guitar!  The video and single won’t be released just yet, but here are a few behind the scenes photos from the shoot.

Lazarex Cancer Foundation

As a proud ambassador for Lazarex Cancer Foundation, I’m excited about the Center for Disease Control’s recent announcement that cancer rates are dropping in the United States!  I’m so very thankful for the great work that Lazarex and countless other foundations are doing in order to bring more awareness to the disease and help so […]

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