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Ask Lenny: Leaving Tower of Power

“Did you really think people were right when they said you should not have left Tower of Power or did you mostly believe in yourself?”

When people would say I should have stayed with Tower of Power, I felt bad and embarrassed. After awhile, I started to believe it a little bit and was afraid they may have been right; I started to question my decision to leave. Some days I wondered am I doing the right thing? Should I go back? I even went so far as to discuss my return with MiMi. But in my heart & soul, I knew that I could not go backward. It was just hard to figure out, why I wasn’t hitting. Same guy, same voice. Other days it motivated me to work harder, write more. So the feeling and emotions were all over the board. Thank God things finally clicked for me as a solo artist and the rest is history.

God bless,

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